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This Would Be A Great Time To Lawyer Up!

BTM Lawyers’ new marketing campaign is designed to increase awareness of our law firm in our local geographic area of Port Moody, British Columbia.  The campaign includes transit shelters that display one of several different ad versions.  Each ad in the campaign has a happy-looking person or couple in the context of a common legal situation such as having been injured in a car accident, running a small business, getting ready to purchase a home, or needing to create or update a will, along with the prominent headline “Now would be a great time to Lawyer Up!”

Here are a few answers to some questions you might have about our new ads:

Q: What does it mean to “Lawyer Up?”

A: “Lawyering Up” is an informal phrase born out of pop culture – including law-related television programs such as “Law and Order” and “Breaking Bad”. It refers to a person who wants to speak to lawyer in order to obtain legal advice on what they should do next.

Q: I thought a person only “Lawyered Up” when they were being accused by the police of committing a crime – why would someone need to “lawyer up” to buy a house or create a will?

A: On TV it is indeed usually a criminal suspect who is shown “lawyering up” in order to avoid further questioning by the police. However, if one thinks of the phrase in the broader sense of seeking out a qualified lawyer to obtain advice on a specific situation, it becomes applicable to a broad range of life circumstances where obtaining legal advice can be a very good idea.

Q: Why does one ad show a man and woman of different ages with a note that it’s about “Wills & Estates”?

A: In our experience many people who have never had a will before first start thinking about the need to plan (or re-plan) for the future in the context of major life events such as a marriage or having children. It’s a logical point in time when people want to make sure their loved ones would be taken care of if something ever happened to them. The people depicted here could depict a few possible scenarios such as a father sharing a special moment with his daughter on her wedding day, a second marriage (which would have implications for any children of the first marriage). Different people will interpret the ambiguity differently, but the underlying message is that key life events trigger important considerations for your estate planning process.

Q: Isn’t it unusual for a law firm to have “fun” ads like this?

A: Yes. We recognize that for many people, hiring a lawyer or going to a law office can be a stressful experience. Our ads are intended to convey the fact that we are a friendly, approachable team who is here for the express purpose of helping you address your legal issues in a positive, professional manner. We don’t think another lawyer ad showing dusty law books or people standing around a boardroom table tells you that as well as these ones do.

Still have questions?

Send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 604-937-1166 and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you.