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Business Transition

Preparing to sell your business? Who is taking over, what will happen with clients/contractors, buyout options (have you read the shareholder agreement?), tax strategies.
I’d like to discuss an exit strategy for my business
I need to consider:
I could use a referral to someone who can do a valuation of my business

Unfortunate Events

Estate Planning and Insurance. Wills, trusts, power of attorneys etc. Key person, life and critical illness insurance.
I’d like to discuss strategies to deal with unfortunate events in my business
I need:
I have a dispute with a supplier or customer, and need help


Properly managing the business now. Ensuring proper agreements are in place (shareholder, employment, credit, leases).
I need a shareholder agreement to protect my business and deal with challenges
I need employee agreements or independent contractor agreements
I need to get a standard agreement I can use for my business services or sales

Professional Advice

BTM Lawyers has 15 lawyers working in areas of business law, family, employment, construction, real estate, litigation and estate planning – do you need to speak with a lawyer about any areas? Do you need a referral to: an accountant, financial planner, benefits provider, insurance rep?
I could use a referral to an accountant
I could use a referral to a financial planner
I could use a referral to a benefits provider
I could use a referral to an insurance rep
I would like to discuss something not on this list with a lawyer
Any of the foregoing items is something which can be discussed with the professional advisor team to your business. We would be happy to start that discussion and can refer you to specialists to assist as needed.
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