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Employment Contracts

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Employers often fail to get any or proper legal advice when entering into employment relationships and are then faced with significant uncertainty and financial exposure on the departure of key employees or when they need to make the difficult decision to terminate an employee.

A clear and properly worded employment contract provides certainty for both employers and employees regarding their obligations during the employment relationship and on termination. A written employment contract should address the following issues:

  • What happens when the employment relationship is terminated?
  • What are the employer’s severance obligations?
  • What are the employee’s confidentiality obligations?
  • Who owns the work product created by the employee during his or her employment?
  • Is the employee entitled to solicit business from the employer’s customers after his or her employment ends?
  • Is the employee entitled to start or join an employer’s business that is a direct competitor of the employer after his or her employment ends?

We assist employers of all sizes draft employment contracts that are industry-specific and meet their business needs. We can also assist in drafting non-solicitation and non-competition agreements that will withstand a challenge in the courts and protect your business on the departure of key employees.


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