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The Most Dangerous Intersections In Coquitlam, Port Moody & Port Coquitlam

Do you live in Coquitlam, Port Moody, or Port Coquitlam? If so, you might be interested to know that ICBC maintains statistics and interactive maps detailing the most dangerous intersections in the Lower Mainland. If your morning commute takes you through any of these areas, make sure to stay extra vigilant as you turn left, right, or drive straight through on your way to work.

The following data is drawn from 2013 statistics on ICBC’s Lower Mainland Crash Map:

The Top Five MVA Crash Sites in Coquitlam

  1. Brunette Ave & Brunette Ave Off-ramp & Brunette Ave On-ramp & Trans-Canada Hwy & United Blvd Off-ramp
  2. Barnet Hwy & Lougheed Hwy & Pinetree Way
  3. Lougheed Hwy & Westwood St
  4. Lougheed Hwy & North Rd
  5. Mary Hill Bypass & Mary Hill Bypass Off-ramp & Mary Hill Bypass On-ramp & United Blvd & Turning Lane

The Top Five MVA Crash Sites in Port Moody

  1. Barnet Hwy & Barnet Hwy & Ioco Rd & St Johns St & Turning Lane
  2. Guildford Way & Ioco Rd & Murray St & Turning Lane
  3. Heritage Mountain Blvd & Ioco Rd & Ungless Way
  4. Moray St & St Johns St
  5. Barnet Hwy & Clarke St & Turning Lane

The Top Five MVA Crash Sites in Port Coquitlam

  1. Lougheed Hwy & Westwood St
  2. Lougheed Hwy & Shaughnessy St
  3. Broadway St & Mary Hill Bypass
  4. Argue St & Mary Hill Bypass & Shaughnessy St
  5. Coast Meridian Connector & Coast Meridian RD & Lougheed Hwy & Turning Lane

ICBC also reports that there are roughly 83,000 crashes at intersections in the lower mainland per year. These 83,000 crashes have led to approximately 53,000 injured drivers and 74 fatalities each year.

Across The Lower Mainland

It is not a shock that the majority of the top ten crash sites are located at Trans-Canada Highway on and off ramps. Somewhat surprisingly, Vancouver’s only crash site in the top ten was at Knight Street and SE Marine Drive. The worst sites tend to be located in Burnaby with the very worst registering close to a crash per day.

1) Willingdon Avenue ramps for Trans-Canada Highway
2) Brunette Avenue ramps for Trans-Canada Highway
3) Gaglardi Way ramps for Trans-Canada Highway
4) Southeast Marine Drive and Knight Street
5) 264 Street and 56 Avenue ramps for Trans-Canada Highway
6) Kensington Avenue ramps for Trans-Canada Highway
7) 232 Street and 72 Avenue ramps for Trans-Canada Highway
8) 88 Avenue and King George Boulevard
9) 128 Street and King George Boulevard
10) 72 Avenue and King George Boulevard

When Commutes Go Wrong

Regardless of how thoroughly you plan your commute or approach an intersection, accidents do happen. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, please contact a lawyer at BTM to discuss your rights.