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Intellectual Property

Trademark your Bacon

By September 26, 2012No Comments

Due to the impending world-wide bacon crisis (see news story), I thought I’d share a few bacon-related trademarks I’ve come across.

First and foremost is the BACONATOR sandwich from Wendy’s.  Weighing in at 970 calories and a whopping 63g of fat, lovers of this sandwich are sure to suffer from a bacon shortage.  Perhaps in anticipation of the worldwide a-pork-alypse, Wendy’s International, Inc. applied on June 11, 2012 for the trademark SON OF BACONATOR, which apparently is a smaller-sized version of the sandwich and uses only 66% of the father’s bacon.

Other likely causes of porcine product shortage include the BACON EXPLOSION, registered in the US to Mad Hat Media Group LLC.  According to Wikipedia, this “at least” 5,000 calorie dish is a pork dish that consists of woven strips of bacon wrapped around a filling of spiced sausage, crumbled bacon, and barbeque sauce.  This product is not to be confused (although it likely is) with the BACON BOMB dish, registered in the US to Anna Hartwell and David Desimone.  The research I conducted could not differentiate the two products.

Perhaps one of the strangest bacon-related trademarks I came across was the CRYSTAL BACON Christmas ornaments, registered in the US to Greg Kiesow.  These large bacon-shaped crystal ornaments may be the only economical gift for your bacon-lover during the looming baconomical crisis.

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