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BTM Lawyers Case Summary of Severe Headaches and Partial Disability in ICBC Injury Claim

BTM recently received reasons for judgment and a trial award of over a million dollars in a case in which our client was a driver wearing her seatbelt, while stopped and hit in a rear-end motor vehicle accident in 2012 in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. She suffered from neck and back “whiplash” injuries, as well as severe daily headaches.

Physical and Psychological Impact of the Motor Vehicle Accident in ICBC Injury Claim

Prior to the motor vehicle accident, the plaintiff was functioning well in her job as a parcel delivery driver. She had a good relationship with her husband and close friends with whom she enjoyed socializing. Although she significantly recovered in her neck and back “whiplash” from the accident, she continued to have persistent and very painful headaches daily for long periods of time. The severe headaches affected her work, social life and ability to perform household tasks and adversely affected her family life.

Trial Judge’s Summary of the ICBC Injury Claim

The trial judge conclued the plaintiff’s concussion was mild, that she does not suffer from post-concussion syndrome, and does not have a brain injury. She had some structural damage to the tissues of her spinal column, causing neck pain and severe headaches in her ICBC injury claim.

She has continued difficulty with employment, recreational and household activities. She is permanently partially disabled with debilitating painful headaches for almost five years. Her overall quality of life (QOL) has been diminished in her work, social and interpersonal relationships.

One significant aspect of the ruling was that the trial judge awarded over $100,000 for loss of future pension benefits, which was a specific claim put forth by our trial team. The calculation of damages awards is often complex and this award is an example of why it is important to have a lawyer for your ICBC injury claim so that you do not miss certain significant categories of compensation you may be entitled to.

Do You Have a Personal ICBC Injury Claim? Contact BTM Lawyers.

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