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BTM Lawyers recently won an excellent judgement in Tougas v Mostat, 2020 BCSC 1281. There was a trial award of $1.2 million in the case in which our client was injured after three separate motor vehicle accidents in Langley, British Columbia.

The Accidents

Our client was involved in three accidents within 23 months. Hit from the side twice and from behind once, she suffered several injuries to the neck and shoulder area, to the lower back, to the left ankle, and continued to have daily chronic pain, headaches relating to Neck Whiplash Disorder, depression, and anxiety. These resulting injuries negatively impacted all aspects of her life.

Prior to the accidents, our client enjoyed a fully active life having many friends and socializing regularly, exercising and playing sports regularly, and succeeding in her role as Supervisor of a Bar & Grill.

The Ruling

The client’s disability resulting from the accidents has affected the work and career, relationships, social, and health facets of her life lowering the overall quality and with the expectation that her condition will worsen over time and persist without relief into the future. Damages awarded totalled over 1.2 million dollars with a significant amount of $730,000 awarded to future loss of earning capacity. The total damages included compensation for loss of earnings due to being unable to work in her career at the Bar & Grill, future care including housekeeping assistance, and care treatments for her injuries.

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