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Intellectual Property

Trademarks can be a Treat

By February 1, 2012No Comments

An Ontario pastry chef quickly learned that trademarking her business was the sweetest thing she ever did.  Here is the complete story.

Stephanie Pick began operating a pastry store in Toronto in 1998.  She then trademarked her business name, QUEEN OF TARTS in 2004.  However, Linda Kearney, a pastry chef in Edmonton, had the same idea for the QUEEN OF TARTS name and began operating her bakery in the last year.  Pick successfully sued Kearney for trademark infringement.  Kearney now must pay Pick damages of $10,000.00, court costs, and will also have an expensive bill to rebrand her business.

Kearney stated that she thought provincial business name registration would be enough.  Learn from her mistake.  Register your trademark today.  Contact me for more information.

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