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Intellectual Property

Lin-portant Trademark Lin-formation

By March 1, 2012No Comments

Jeremy Lin, a recent young protege and rising star in the NBA, has gained Lin-stant fame for his amazing skills on the basketball court.  The sudden and viral effects of his debut into the sport has coined the term “Lin-sanity”.

Believing that this term had value to his persona and marketing, Jeremy Lin filed for the trademark LINSANITY in the US on February 13, 2012, in association with clothing, athletic wear, sports drinks, and other things generally associated with sports.

What he didn’t expect is that there were 9 other US applications for the trademark LINSANITY over the first two weeks in February!!  Lin may lose his application because he didn’t get to it in time!

However, even if he does get the trademark, it is questionable as to how strong of a defense he might have (insert crowd shouting D-Fense…D-Fense) because of the recent trend to place “LIN” into random words of any kind to curtail on the viral effect of his fame.  How can a term like LINSANITY be distinctive if the whole world is placing LIN into words? It could be that he got too famous, too fast for his own good.

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