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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Serving the Tri-Cities Community

Our BTM Lawyers personal injury team includes experienced motorcycle accident lawyers serving clients throughout BC, and in particular Port Moody, Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam. As your motorcycle accident lawyer, we’re approachable and in the Tri-Cities community. We can help guide you through your ICBC motorcycle claim to help you with your recovery.

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The purpose of the free consultation is to identify your legal issues, and the options available to you, and to determine whether you require the assistance of a lawyer. BTM Lawyers LLP does not provide legal advice or legal opinions during free consultations and reserves the right to refuse a free consultation in its absolute discretion.

Here are some FAQs about claims in BC we often get from our clients.

What questions will my motorcycle accident lawyer ask me in our first meeting?

You will be asked to provide dates, times, contacts and other specific crash information. After your consultation, if we mutually agree to represent your case as your motorcycle accident lawyer, this will help us with our investigations. Advice from an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer is necessary with serious injuries, often requiring treatment and rehabilitation:

What happens if I’m not able to work from a motorcycle accident claim?

Part 7 Accident Benefits provides disability coverage if you were working at the time of the accident and were totally disabled for more than 7 days and your disability started within 21 days of the accident if there is no other coverage. The amount payable is 75 per cent of your average gross weekly wage up to a maximum of $300 per week or $145 per week for homemakers. Part 7 benefits may include a Graduated Return to Work Program on case by case basis for an motorcycle accident claim. For more details, visit BC Laws.

If you were unemployed on the day of the accident, you may still receive benefits if you worked for at least 26 weeks in the year before the accident. Part 7 benefits are available if you were self-employed or work part-time. If you are self-employed, it is extremely important you maintain records to measure losses as soon as you are unable to work. Your motorcycle accident lawyer can help with your Part 7 disability claim, as well as past wage loss and future wage loss to be covered under third-party liability.

How do I get medical and rehabilitation care after my motorcycle accident?

We help our clients access Part 7 benefits to receive the care they need to recover from an accident. ICBC may request all of your medical records, including those not related to your accident. Without a motorcycle accident lawyer protecting you, ICBC can use this information against you to reduce the amount of money you could get.

However, ICBC must pay for all reasonable treatment costs insured under Part 7 Accident Benefits up to $150,000. These include necessary medical, surgical, dental, hospital, ambulance or professional nursing services, or for necessary physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, occupational therapy or speech therapy or for prosthesis or orthosis. There are other benefits for equipment, attendant care, vocational training and more. For a complete list of Part 7 Accident Benefits, visit BC Laws.

As ICBC will only pay for the primary costs of certain treatments and not the user fees under Part 7, an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can require your entire treatment costs, including user fees to be reimbursed to you from the at-fault driver policy. However, for qualifying retained clients, BTM Lawyers will fund treatment and pay treatment providers directly.

What happens when the other vehicle changed into my lane and we collided?

Motorcycle accidents often happen because a negligent motorist moved into your lane and sideswiped the motorcycle. As your motorcycle accident lawyer, we can obtain witness information for these types of collisions as the rider is often too injured to get the names of witnesses. Through the Courts, we can get the police and ICBC to disclose the names and contact information for the witnesses to this type of accident. Getting the facts as early as possible helps us to get you a better settlement for your motorcycle accident claim.

Am I at fault for a motorcycle accident in poor weather conditions?

Liability for causing an accident is determined primarily under statute law in British Columbia; the Motor Vehicle Act in BC is referenced to determine liability apportioned for all parties involved, as it governs the Rules of the Road. Fault for an accident depends on a number of facts, including the actions of all of the drivers involved, not just the motorcycle driver. As your motorcycle accident lawyer, we will investigate the accident by getting reports from the police, witnesses and accident reconstruction specialists. We can also use the legal process to ensure the other driver answers questions about their driving.

What happens if I am partially at fault for the crash?

Our motorcycle accident lawyer will help you dispute an unfair blame for the collision that causes you to be denied of a compensation. Even if you are partially blamed, it is important to get legal advice early to make sure liability is fair as you are still entitled to some compensation for your injuries. These include general damages for pain and suffering and other claimable expenses called special damages from the other partially at fault driver policy.

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